Imagine and build robots for healthier people, homes, schools, workplaces, play and the environment.

“Get Your Bot On” (GYBO) is a 34-hour hackathon focused on the design and prototyping of innovative ideas and solutions in robotics. Each team is given basic hardware to build a robot and supported by mentors and technical experts to ensure their demo is ready for judging on the final day (Sunday).

The theme for GYBO 2015 is “Healthy: People and Environments". Teams will be encouraged to prototype their robot ideas for healthier people, homes, schools, workplaces, the environment and play.

In 2015 we have a number of hardware partners and participants will be able to integrate wearable devices for control of their robot, try out gesture recognition technology, and explore a new robotics harware platform. Details coming soon!

Prizes will be announced in the coming days. 

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Hackathon Sponsors


$4,005 in prizes

The original app-enabled robotic ball.

A learning connected thermostat.

Memberships to Toronto Tool Library (5)
The members of one team will win a years membership to the Toronto Tool Library.

Smart LED lighting kit

A kit with Smart LED bulbs and networking equipment so you can control your lighting from your mobile device. Capable of millions of colours.
From Linxee Wireless

1 hour of laser cutting time and free set up fee

One 6 Hour Group Workshop
6 hr group workshop,covering mill use, lather use, and a cnc demo. One day of build time in the shop on your bot project.

Cash Prize (3)

Beginner Components Kit (4)

A sensor kit for beginners to use with your Arduino.
Prize from Creatron Inc.

This is a kit that gives you all of the basic thru-hole components you will need to get started playing with embedded projects. These are the ‘bubble gum’ parts that are often used in any electronic projects. A good starter assortment of caps, ICs, regulators, diodes, and good-for-blinky LEDs.

Mod Notebooks

A paper notebook that syncs to the cloud. Check it out at:

Prize provided by PCH Hardware Hackathon

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


We require participants work in groups of at least 3. Each team will receive a basic hardware kit.

Children under 12 must register with a parent or guardian as a family team.



Each team will present on stage at MaRS on Sunday September 13, 2015 2-4pm.  In order to be elligible for any prize category the team must demo at the hackathon.

How to enter


Purchase tickets on Eventbrite.


Gord Kurtenbach

Gord Kurtenbach
Sr. Director of Research, Autodesk

Nora Young

Nora Young
Host and Creator, CBC Spark

Jon Dogterom

Jon Dogterom
Venture Lead, Cleantech and Physical Sciences, MaRS Discovery District

Judging Criteria

  • Category: Innovation
    This category is for the most novel or compelling concept.
  • Category: Technological Excellence
    This category is for the best technically executed robot.
  • Category: Design for Human Interaction
    This category is for prototypes that have considered how humans will interact with the robot.
  • Category: Family Team Innovation
    This category is for our family teams.